We're on the phone (or Twitter, if you prefer) whenever you need us



We monitor your systems every second of every day (even Christmas morning)



your infrastructure managed by very purple people

Prplpi represents wisdom, creativity, devotion and pride. We respond to our clients and their needs in a way that is clear and consice. Just as it should be.

Today, we provide a range of services to small, medium and large companies, schools and local businesses; all who rely on prplpwr.

We are a complete solution that enables our clients to create unique and bespoke packages that suit their specific needs. We like to think of our packages as a plastic brick. You choose your colour and your size, then work out what exactly you want to make. Then we build it. It really works!

You can have any colour you like, as long as it's purple.

Because we are Plymouth's IT department, we can supplement an existing in-house IT function or we can provide a specific service that your business needs.

So, whats our USP?


We take great pleasure in ensuring that your systems are happy and that you've got a nice hot cup of tea


We're not just geeks - we are innovative and productive, especially when it comes to your design needs


We have an attachment to our staff and our work and we play hard to make this happen.


Being Prpl means that we are knowledgeable, experienced and astute to your needs.

Our Services


We offer a comprehensive range of managed support packages for schools and businesses of all sizes... READ MORE

Web & Digital

We employ a wide range of languages and platforms to ensure that our clients websites are online and looking good... READ MORE


We have proudly developed a unique expertise in every arena of IT that can support your buisness needs... READ MORE


We can provide advice & guidance towards a fully managed project for any digital arena of your business... READ MORE


We take pride in maintaining your physical equipment right down to the repair of every machine in your business... READ MORE


We proactively monitor the health of your systems to prevent issues before you even know about them... READ MORE

Our Team