Alongside the rest of our #prpl arsenal, we have a solid telecoms service which we can offer. PrplPi will search out the best solution to your telecoms needs no matter how complicated. Depending upon what you are looking for we will probably have plenty of questions for you but rest assured, the time spent gathering this information will help us find a better solution for you.

Regardless of whether you are talking to us about something quite complicated like PPC or MPLS Connections, or alternatively something simple like Business Broadband we will approach this just the same in that our priority is meeting the needs of your business and you. We’ve been advising clients in throuhgout the Devon and Cornwall areas on their communication needs for over a decade.

If that’s you, why not get in touch to explore how we can help?

Whether that’s cost-effective phone systems, cheap calls and lines, reliable broadband or cross-site IT infrastructure and improved collaboration for a growing business, we’ve done it all. So to ensure you stay connected, give us a call!

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